About me


I would define myself as a nature-lover, and I am also very fond of art and popular traditions. I have developed, in time, a true love for photography, and an interest in communication and publishing.  My studies and passion for nature pushed me towards photography, starting taking pictures as I was twenty. Naturalistic photography was soon joined by a curiosity for history and a desire to document people’s life, their traditions and heritages. Over the years, I have specialized in backgrounds, history, art and nature of Abruzzo’s Region and central Italy. With my work, I have been collecting a vast archive of images of traditions, monuments, places, flora and fauna of Abruzzo and central Apennines. I work regularly with the major regional and Italian publishing houses, magazines and agencies for production of books, guides, calendars, websites and multimedia products, both as a photographer and photo-editor. During the last seven years, I worked as a photographer at the editorial initiative (magazine and website) called “Abruzzo è Appennino“, promoted by the Osservatotrio Regionale della Mountagna Abruzzese (a regional institution for the protection an promotion of the mountain), and of which I am also a co-founder and member editor. I also teach in training and specialization photography courses.